Anti-Virus Software

Detecting and Taking Action Against All Sorts of Malware with IRS Approved Virus Scanning Tools to Keep You Safe.
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According to IRS Publication 1075, Section 5.6.16, System and Information Integrity, any information system storing, processing or transmitting Federal Tax Information (FTI) must be protected against all forms of malicious code that can be transported via electronic mail, internet accesses, removable media, and other means. The virus scanning tools deployed must include the capability to update anti-virus signature files in an expeditious and timely manner – without requiring end-users to request the update on their own.

Infiniwiz offers anti-virus software that detects and takes action against all sorts of malware with IRS approved virus scanning tools to keep you safe. Get started now. Call 847-713-1451.

Accounting firms store, process, and access a ton of sensitive information pertaining to their clients. Due to the wealth of sensitive information, cybercriminals tend to target accounting firms with various forms of attacks:


Phishing emails

Account hijacking

Malicious script infection

And much more

Anti-virus software plays a crucial role in protecting against attacks as it detects, prevents, and takes action against malicious software. Essentially, anti-virus software scans your computer on a regular basis to check programs and compare them to any sort of known or unknown types of malware. Our antivirus software looks for:

A specific set of characteristics that may indicate known malware

A common codebase that may indicate variants of known malware

A suspicious file structure or behaviour that may indicate unknown malware

Get started with anti-virus software that keeps your systems safe now. Call 847-713-1451 to learn more.