Cloud Desktop Access/Support

Giving Your Accountants Access to the Dedicated Resources They Need, Even During the Busy Tax Season, To Complete Work Without Delays.
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During the year, accountants experience a wide range of workloads – from a more manageable workload wherein you’re offering guidance and support to your clients to a much heavier workload wherein you’re handling an influx of tax returns during the busy tax season. A cloud desktop can help you accommodate this – giving you access to the dedicated resources you need, even during the busy tax season, while keeping costs predictable at all times.

What Are the Benefits of Cloud Desktops for Accounting Firms?

Nowadays, a lot of businesses are switching from an on-premises desktop to a cloud-based desktop that improves workflow, saves money, and keeps them on the forefront of innovation. The benefits of cloud desktops for accounting firms are clear:

Greater scalability to adjust accordingly in terms of increasing or decreasing in workload. A cloud desktop lets you pay for the services you use – meaning you can adapt quickly when needed.

Fewer upfront expenses as there’s no need to purchase and maintain expensive equipment. Instead, all of the maintenance, upgrades, and troubleshooting is handled for you at a flat-rate monthly fee.

More uninterrupted workflow as cloud desktops allow for anytime, anywhere access and users aren’t tied down to a specific location. Plus, when it’s time for maintenance or upgrades, there is minimal downtime to reduce the impact on productivity.

Advanced security to protect client information as cloud desktops offer virtually impenetrable security for accounting applications and data – from encryption to multi-factor authentication and much more.

What’s Included in Our Cloud Desktop Access / Support Offering?

Microsoft Office 365 delivers anytime, anywhere access with a range of benefits for accounting firms:

Managed IT users + cloud will receive our cloud desktops at no additional cost – complete with migration, configuration, and ongoing troubleshooting and support.

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