Co-Managed Vendor Support

Helping you manage your third-party software vendors to save you time and keep your technology functioning optimally.
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Need A Co-Managed Vendor Support Solution?

Technology has always played a vital role in modern accounting firms – allowing you to keep track of sensitive files, store information according to regulations, and ultimately, better serve your clients. Naturally, accounting firms have a range of options when it comes to technology vendors. For instance, some vendors may include:

  • Microsoft
  • Comcast
  • AT&T
  • VoIP phone service

In addition, you’re likely working with one or more accounting software vendors, such as:

  • Intuit
  • Drake Software
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Walters Kluwer

Essentially, the hardware and software you use on a daily basis has eliminated a lot of the difficult, time-consuming number crunching and file organizing that used to be the norm. But now, you have various vendors that need to be managed in terms of:

  • Keeping up with software licensing
  • Getting assistance with setting up new users
  • Calling for support when issues arise
  • And much more

Our co-managed vendor support gives you the ability to focus on serving your clients without worrying about the hassle of managing multiple vendor relationships. We have experience with the most popular accounting solutions, and in many cases, we have relationships with vendors in the industry – meaning we can help you get faster, more responsive service and discounts.

If you have to get in touch with one of your vendors, we’ll handle it for you. Whether you’d prefer we handle the entire communication from start to finish on our own or you’d like to work with us while speaking with your vendor, we save you a ton of time because we know the industry – we speak the lingo and can make sure all of your needs are addressed quickly.

Get started with our co-managed vendor support now. Call 847-713-1451 to learn more.