Daily Backups and Disaster Recovery

Keeping Your Important Data Backed Up and Ready to Recover in a Moment’s Notice.
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Imagine heading into the office during the busy tax season and powering up your computer – only to find all of your data is inaccessible.

You have a TON of paperwork to submit for clients, but nothing will open and productivity comes to a complete halt.

This happens every single day around the world. Whether it’s an issue with the computer shutting down unexpectedly or something more drastic like a ransomware infection wherein data is held hostage, accounting firms face data loss far too often. After all, cybercriminals know accounting firms hold a ton of sensitive financial data that’s well worth the time and effort of hacking.

Aside from processing tax returns for individuals, accounting firms handle returns for small to large businesses. Any instance of data loss or inability to complete those returns could result in serious penalties for the accounting firm and the client. Not only will this involve heavy fines and legal liabilities, but also serious reputational damage. This is why daily backups and disaster recovery is essential for even the smallest accounting firms.

Infiniwiz provides daily backups and disaster recovery to help accounting firms recover from any sort of disruption, whether it’s a minor hiccup or a major disaster. Get started now.
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Our daily backups and disaster recovery encompasses the 3-2-1 rule: three backups, using two different forms of media, and keeping one offsite so it’s safe in the event that something happens in the office, such as a flood or fire, resulting in data loss.

We keep daily backups of the following:

Tax returns

PDF documents

Quickbooks/accounting program databases

And much more

In addition to keeping daily backups, we regularly test the restore process to validate that backups are working properly and will function as needed in the event of any sort of loss. This is because once a disaster happens, it’s too late to rest. We do it beforehand – often – to ensure you’re prepared.

Get started with daily backups and disaster recovery to ensure you’re prepared for any sort of loss.
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