Employee Monitoring

Offering the Option to Monitor Employee Behavior Online to Minimize the Risk of Data Theft.
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Although the internet and technology in general creates many opportunities for time-saving, the opposite is also true. The internet creates a wealth of distractions, and in some cases, threats targeted at the network and all sensitive data stored on it. Although it’s not often necessary to monitor employee behaviour, it’s a good option to have, especially in today’s day and age where there are so many threats on the internet in the form of malicious websites, and internally coming from careless insiders . When the internet is misused, even accidentally, there is a risk created in terms of client confidentiality.

Infiniwiz offers employee monitoring as an option to help you prevent unwanted behaviours that result in malware infections, increased bandwidth usage, and more.
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Employee monitoring is a great option for accounting firms looking to stay as safe as possible while ensuring a high level of productivity throughout the day. It allows you to pop-ups, misclicks and other accidents resulting in malware infections due to employees unknowingly visiting unsafe websites.

Our Employee Monitoring ensures:

Dangerous and/or inappropriate content is blocked, and in turn, unable to be accessed during the workday.

Recordings and screenshots are taken to prevent any sort of cyber-attack resulting from disgruntled or careless employees.

Bandwidth usage can be monitored and tracked, and in turn, optimized accordingly to ensure high speeds and greater performance.

Compliance is simplified as access to sensitive information and/or files is tracked and logged for future reference.

Workflows can be improved as you gain insight into what’s taking too long and what should be automated to improve efficiency.

In the simplest terms, employee monitoring is an effective option for modern accounting firms looking to operate as efficiently as possible. In today’s day and age, there are far too many risks associated with cybercriminals, disgruntled employees, and ultimately, the internet in general. Our monitoring service keeps you safe as you’re able to keep track of what’s happening on your network at all times.

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