Employee Onboarding/Offboarding

Helping you ensure a smooth, seamless onboarding and offboarding process.
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For accounting firms, onboarding or offboarding new employees can be particularly difficult as you’re using various systems – and those systems access various documents that can be sensitive. If you’re onboarding, you may not want them to have access to everything – but you still want them to have enough access to be productive. If you’re offboarding, you don’t want them to have access to anything. As your firm grows and uses more hardware and software than ever, it’s a complex process.

When it comes to onboarding, in particular, it’s important to ensure the process is smooth, seamless, and efficient. If they have a hard time accessing what they need or they feel as though they’re not welcomed with a smooth procedure, they’re more likely to leave. A smooth process ensures:

A higher employee retention rate

A faster learning curve

A more productive inner-office communication

A greater sense of employee trust and engagement

Infiniwiz offers assistance with employee onboarding and offboarding from a technology perspective to help you achieve a smooth, seamless process. Get started now.
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Our assistance with employee onboarding and offboarding means you can rest assured knowing the following will be taken care of:

  • Instructions for obtaining login credentials for all relevant accounts
  • Ensure access to local network, server, cloud servers, and shared folders
  • Setup and configuration of all relevant accounts
  • Ensure home internet and network are suitable for remote workers
  • Setup and configuration for workstations/devices
  • Setup access permissions based on work role
  • Instructions for any necessary compliance training and/or signing policies
  • Setup VoIP phones, faxing, scanning, etc.

Streamline your onboarding and offboarding process. We can help. Get started now. Call 847-713-1451 to learn more.