Keeping Sensitive Information at Rest and In Transit Safe Against Any Sort of Unauthorized Access.
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Accountants tend to handle a lot of sensitive information, including the obvious: names, addresses, and social security numbers, as well as the less obvious: returns, credit scores, incomes, collection histories, and other nonpublic personal information. Even the IRS states that the use of encryption for sensitive documents is an essential element to any effective information security system – ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of data. In the past, accountants relied solely on paper documents, which means it was simple enough to secure them from outsider access. Nowadays, everything is digital and encryption is necessary to keep
documents safe.

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When encryption is used, only the people communicating back and forth are able to read the messages. Essentially, encryption scrambles the information for anyone who doesn’t have authorization to access it, even telecom providers, internet providers, and the company that provides the messaging service used. Encrypted data is made usable by authorized users who have access to the proper tools and/or password to decrypt it.

Encryption: The Simplest, Yet Often Overlooked Solution to Preventing a Data Breach…

Unfortunately, encryption is often overlooked or ignored because many accounting firms believe it’s too complicated. However, our team is able to simplify the process – implementing encryption where needed to protect sensitive information while ensuring the process of sending and receiving data remains efficient. This, in turn, helps you prevent a data breach that could otherwise leave you liable for financial losses that might result if identity theft occurs.

Our encryption gives you peace of mind knowing all sensitive data stored and accessed is safe, regardless of what device is used:





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