Fax to Email Service and Support

Giving You the Ability to Send and Accept Faxes Outside of the Office for Quicker, More Efficient Client Service.
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Although some believe the traditional concept of faxing is outdated, we believe there’s still a time and place for sending and receiving documents via fax, especially in the accounting industry. But here’s the thing… The hardware behind faxing has run its course. It’s no longer convenient or efficient to wait around in the office until a fax comes in. Plus, a fax machine comes with a lot of excessive resource wastage that’s simply not sustainable in today’s day and age. That’s where our efax service comes in handy. It’s an online fax portal that allows you to send and accept faxes outside of the office.

Infiniwiz provides fax to email service and support to help you take advantage of faxing in a more convenient, sustainable manner. Get started now. Call 847-713-1451 for more information.

Faxing allows us to send and receive lengthy documents in a moment’s notice, especially those that must be signed prior to sending them to the recipient. But nowadays, accountants must embrace online fax to email services to ensure they’re able to:

Provide quicker, more efficient client service

Accept documents outside of the office

Enhance their response time and speed up workflows

How does our fax to email service work?

Our fax to email service is designed to be straightforward and easy to use. We also provide ongoing support to assist with any questions or concerns. Here’s how it works:

Open your email to send a fax as our service works with a range of the most popular email platforms, you can simply open your email, create a new message, and enter the destination fax number in the “to” field.

Add any documents as needed to your message with multiple supported file types, including word documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, and more. They will be faxed in the order they’re attached.

Send and wait for confirmation that will be sent via email to confirm your intended recipient has received your fax. Your email will automatically be converted to fax upon sending.

We give you a choice of phone numbers to use for inbound faxing or we can port numbers from other providers.

There’s no need for paper jams, maintenance upkeep or toner – it’s a simple process that helps you stay connected all the time. Call 847-713-1451 for more information.