Office 365/Microsoft 365

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Virtually all accountants require a range of services to handle their responsibilities, including text processing, calendars, email, spreadsheets, and various other tools to keep information organized. Office 365 or Microsoft 365 (the name varies depending on which version you choose) brings you cloud-based access to all of the above at any time, from any location or device.

The collaboration platform is filled with many of the most beloved tools and features available – giving you the ability to leverage the following:








What Are the Benefits of Office 365/Microsoft 365 for Accounting Firms?

Office 365/Microsoft 365 delivers anytime, anywhere access with a range of benefits for accounting firms:

Greater cost efficiency as you pay a low-cost per month for access to the desktop, mobile, and cloud-based applications you need. There’s no upfront costs and upgrades are automatically applied.

Higher data security measures than traditional, on-premises alternatives – from data loss prevention to mobile device management to encryption to advanced threat analytics and everything in between.

More reliable integration with third-party tools as various third-party tools are supported with minimal technical configuration required – making it simple to migrate, secure, and monitor the platform.

What’s Included in Our Office 365/Microsoft 365 Offering?

Managed IT users will receive support for their environment with existing Office 365/Microsoft 365 licenses in the form of assistance for migration, configuration, and ongoing troubleshooting and/or support.

Managed IT users + cloud will receive Office 365 E3 licenses, alongside support for their environment with assistance for migration, configuration, and ongoing troubleshooting and/or support.

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