Scanning Support

Ensuring You’re Always Able to Scan Efficiently Without Worrying About Clearing Jams, Changing Settings, and Overall, Wasting Billable Time Dealing with Challenge.
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Gone are the days of sifting through piles and piles of paper on your desk or in binders. Nowadays, accounting firms need quick and easy access to all of their files. Scanning invoices, receipts, and images simply makes sense – allowing you to add them to your digital files for simplified retrieval. But choosing the right scanner can be difficult, and on top of selecting the technology you need, dealing with challenges associated with your scanner can result in less productivity throughout the day.

What Does Our Scanning Support for Accounting Firms Include?

Our team of accounting technology experts is able to assist you with the following to ensure you’re able to scan efficiently:

Choosing the right scanner to ensure it’s able to scan both sides of a single page in one pass, as well as ensure it has the specifications and/or functionality to scan efficiently and quickly.

Implementing and configuring your scanner to make sure all firmware is up-to-date, settings are configured properly, and the scanner is set up for all accountants within your office.

Offering maintenance and support for your scanner to ensure you’re able to work productively while we handle any sort of issues, such as jams, configuration issues with software, and more.

Enabling you to scan to a shared drive on a local network and/or virtual server – meaning scanned PDFs would be automatically sent and made accessible for all team members.

Managed IT users and Managed IT users + cloud will receive scanning support as part of their services.

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