Security Awareness and Training

Keeping Your Accountants Up-to-Date with the Latest Best Practices, Tools, and Tricks to Stay Safe Against Cybercrime.
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Accounting firms provide tax compliance and advisory services, which means you’re retaining a ton of sensitive data, including financial information and social security numbers that can be incredibly valuable to hackers. Nowadays, cybercrime is evolving at a rapid rate with hackers finding new, more advanced ways to steal sensitive data each and every day. Whether they’re looking to drain bank accounts or sell information on the black market, they’re becoming more coordinated and targeted with their attacks.

Your Accountants Are Your First Line of Defense When It Comes to Safeguarding Client Confidentiality…

Each and every accountant within your firm plays a vital role in keeping sensitive data safe, and thus, maintaining client confidentiality. If they’re not fully aware and up-to-date on the current risks, threats, and trends, they can easily end up:

Clicking a malicious link

Responding to a phishing email

Downloading a malicious file

Using easy-to-hack passwords

And much, much more

Infiniwiz offers security awareness and training to assist accounting firms in staying safe against cybercrime while maintaining client confidentiality.
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Accountants taking part in risky behaviour can be entirely avoided with the right security awareness and training. Our team is able to provide the knowledge and guidance necessary to keep your firm safe. Here’s what we offer:

Weekly training emails sent to all accountants to remind them about current threats, risks, and more.

Annual training sessions wherein we go through all of the tips, tricks, and security measures necessary.

Additional, custom training offered to any accountants struggling with noticing phishing emails, malicious domains, and more.

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