Server and Workstation Monitoring

Monitoring the foundation of your accounting firm to keep you up and running at all times.
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When you’re busy handling the financial matters your clients trust you to manage, you don’t want any sort of technology issues getting in the way. This is especially true during the busy tax season when you simply can’t afford downtime of any sort. Your servers and workstations are the backbone of your operations – hosting your line of business software, allowing you to access the internet and network resources, and keeping you functional throughout the day. If your servers or workstations go down for any reason, you’re left without access to the data you need to serve your clients.

Infiniwiz offers server and workstation monitoring to keep the foundation of your accounting firm operating efficiently with optimal performance, speed, and uptime. Call 847-713-1451 to learn more.

Our server and workstation monitoring keeps your technology running the way it should – allowing you and your team to work productively without any sort of downtime. Essentially, you can rest assured knowing:

Warning signs will be detected right away so small issues don’t turn into major problems resulting in downtime.

Real-time notifications will be sent to us in the event of a drop in performance or speed levels that may signify some sort of issue.

Malicious activity will be caught in its tracks as we’re constantly looking for stats or data that can signal towards a network attack.

Issues of any sort will be resolved quickly as our monitoring software gives us the details we need to know exactly what’s going on and troubleshoot quickly.

Technology will be kept up-to-date as we’re keeping a valid inventory to ensure you’re prepared for any upgrades necessary in the future.

If monitoring isn’t in place, you’re left with no choice but to be reactive – resolving issues after they’ve occurred instead of preventing them in the first place. This can become costly as a result of losing productive billable hours, repairing expensive systems, and disappointing those who trust you to handle their financial matters.

Get started with our server and workstation monitoring now. Call 847-713-1451 to learn more.