Updates and Patching

Performing ongoing maintenance in the form of updates and patches to keep your workstations and servers safe.
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There are various moving parts, including systems and software, that power your accounting firm – allowing you to push the boundaries of what can be achieved on any given day. Whether you’re in the workplace or working from home, technology keeps you going with access to your confidential client data wherever you are. For many accounting firms, patch management is commonly overlooked, despite the fact that it’s critical to managing vulnerabilities within systems and software. If you’re not regularly applying updates and patches, you’re leaving vulnerabilities open to cybercriminals who are waiting to exploit them.

Infiniwiz offers updates and patching to keep your workstations safe against cybercrime while ensuring your accountants can work productively.
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Above and beyond security, updates and patching are crucial to ensuring a higher level of productivity. When systems and software aren’t maintained properly, they can start lagging in terms of performance. In addition, if your systems and software programs are set-up to work with specific versions, updates are critical to ensure your entire environment works seamlessly. Otherwise, certain parts may stop working.

We know ignoring updates and patches can be a grave mistake, which is why we take care of them as soon as they’re available.

Our updates and patching keeps your systems and software up-to-date at all times. We understand that for many accounting firms, manually installing these important updates and patches can be frustrating. It gets pushed back constantly because you simply don’t have the time throughout the day to wait for them to be installed. Our process is automated to minimize disruption to
end users:

  1. Your systems and software are analyzed on a regular basis to determine whether or not any patches and/or updates are available.
  2. These patches and updates are automatically downloaded and installed in the background at specific times to minimize disruption.
  3. We keep a log that offers full visibility of endpoint health, including the status of all systems in real-time so you know when patches and/or updates are installed.

We’re always monitoring your technology, which means if any issues occur with your server and workstations, such as low memory or overheating, we can catch it right away. Our team will alert you so you can let us know of the most convenient time to come in and replace the faulty component – avoiding downtime altogether.

Stop leaving vulnerabilities open and ready to exploit. Call 847-713-1451 to get started with our updates and patching now.