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Meeting with you on a regular basis to discuss and update your technology strategy.
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Nowadays, accounting firms are expected to run on a digital level rather than relying on manual, paper-based processes that are slow and outdated. Clients, partners, and vendors all expect this, but how do you truly achieve this? It’s all about having a virtual CIO on your side to help you make the right strategic technology decisions to improve end-user experiences. A virtual CIO meets with you on a regular basis to discuss and update your technology strategy. This, in turn, means you’re always asking the most important question of all:

“What can technology help our accounting firm accomplish that we weren’t able to accomplish before?”

Technology should be empowering your accounting firm to streamline operations in terms of improving the following:

  • Your processes
  • Your procedures
  • Your people

Infiniwiz offers vCIO reviews wherein we meet with you on a regular basis to keep your technology strategy up-to-date and current at all times. Get started now.
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Our vCIOs are well-versed in helping accounting firms meet their organizational objectives. When we meet, we’ll review everything that plays a role in this, such as:

  • Your growth plans
  • Your current challenges
  • Your major initiatives
  • Your facility changes / move plans

Then, we’ll ensure your technology plan is updated to accommodate improvements that need to be made to your processes, procedures, and people – allowing you to rest assured knowing you’re always improving the way you operate. Our vCIOs spend time learning what impacts your profitability and expenses so we can make proper recommendations for success.

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