Web Filtering/Firewall

Filtering Any Sort of Dangerous or Compromising Content to Keep Malware Out of Your Computers.
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The IRS, states, and tax industry outlined “security six” protections designed to help tax professionals stay safe against cybercrime. In their taxes-security-together checklist, they recommend the use of web filtering/firewalls as a way to filter out any sort of dangerous or compromising content – therefore keeping malware out of computers, and in turn, sensitive data out of the wrong hands. Essentially, web filtering/firewalls are configured to block data from suspicious locations and/or applications while allowing the necessary data and applications through.

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Firewall protection is a necessity for businesses of all types, but many computers come with some form of basic firewall protection out of the box – leaving many professionals unaware of the importance of investing in an enterprise-grade option. For accounting firms, basic firewall protection simply isn’t enough to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive client information. Instead, an enterprise-grade solution that incorporates web filtering is necessary to provide:

Additional functionalities such as intrusion detection systems (IDS) and intrusion protection systems (IPS) that detects attacks based on threat signatures, traffic behavioral analysis, and other activities. This allows for a deeper inspection compared to traditional out-of-the-box firewalls.

Less infrastructure as traditional out-of-the-box firewalls require separate appliances for various threats whereas enterprise-grade firewalls offer antivirus, spam filtering, application control, and deep-packet inspection – meaning there’s no need to buy and manage a complex set of appliances.

Greater protection as enterprise-grade firewalls managed by our team are automatically upgraded with the latest patches and/or updates as needed to ensure the highest level of security, which is vital as threats continue to evolve and become more complex.

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